The long awaited album from New Zealand soul sensation Evan Silva.

There's a little bit of rhythm 'n blues, some loco Latin and plenty of down home soul in Out Of The Shadows the latest release from soul sensation Evan Silva, now in all good record stores.

This CD stands close scrutiny with its deft musicianship and rich tunes that stay with you and draw you back time and again. Out of The Shadows
works up close and personal with Salsa rhythms to get you going on the dance floor; if you drop it back a notch you can get intimate with the silk textured, soulful sounds and simply let it groove away in the background.

Musically and vocally Out of the Shadows can't be faulted. It's a sophisticated package of 13 songs with exquisite instrumentation and arrangements topped off with the Evan's trademark creamy smooth vocal delivery.

The foundation was laid by a seasoned rhythm section, overdubbed with real horns and stringed instruments before vocals were added to the mix. The album was recorded in analogue (Dolby SR) onto 24 track 2-inch tape and mixed onto two track master tape before being transferred direct-to-digital to create the CD master to deliver the warmest sound possible.

  • Engineered and mixed by Tony Moan
  • Producer and musical director Martin Winch
  • Technical direction and mixing Eldred Stebbing
  • Recorded at Stebbing Studios 2003-2004
  • Released February 2005

Out of the Shadows, marks the re-launch of Eldred Stebbing's pioneering 60's Zodiac label, on which Silva's first mainstream band The Action released a handful of successful singles .

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Evan Silva & The Action:
An illustrated Kiwi music history (1967-2000) . 

By Keith Newman

Evan's previous album:
Gotta Get Up (live)

All songs written, arranged and co-produced by Evan Silva
Still Missing You 3:40
Just One Step 3:26
Shake Some Ground 3:15
Make No Mistake 4:10
She 2:52
As It Is 5:54
Stay With Me 3:33
She Be Gone 3:44
You Shook It 3:45
Soul Searching  3:58
For You (Carol's Song) 2:18
Misty Morning 6:14
You Dance I Sing 5:04

Check out Evan Silva on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/evansilva
Out Of The Shadows and Gotta Get Up can be purchased directly from Evan. Drop him an email evan@harbourccc.org.nz or call 09-4892191.

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