Excerpts from 
Home Technology 2002 

distributed in the Sunday Star Times, Nov 24th, 2002. 
Articles written by Keith Newman

PC becomes hi-tech hub
Centre for sound, images and information
Storage media comes of age 
DVD challenges the 20-year old CD

Monitoring the monitors
The tube gives way to flat, wide and thin

Vile viral invaders
Donít go on-line without protection

Broadband plan for heartland
Fast internet beyond the city
  Versatile disk invasion
DVD outpaces the VCR
Digital video moving up 
Home movie making options

The right to write 
Burning hotter and faster
Games are serious business
Xbox challenge for gamers
Growing focus on digital 
More pix for your clicks
Growing pains for net gain
Kiwis stay connected

Cellphones are sexy again 

Smaller, smarter, faster and trendier

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