EN00683_.jpg (23263 bytes) In smoke filled bars
 there's the sound of guitars;
 and faces with battle scars
 empty as the glasses they stare into,
 Tell me where will tonighe take you?
 There's no colour today
 seem to be caught in the gray;
 looking for the familiar
 but I'm loosing my way.
 Lips mime to the music
 but thoughts are miles away,
 Wondering if there are winners
 in these mind-games we play.
Heartbeat of the city 
calling through the haze
across crowded rooms we gaze.
Hypnotic wall of music out of phase
Got to believe in better days.

The time for a change must be coming around
Sick of life's tragedies tearing me down;
Masquerading with confidence
betrayed by the frown.
Caught in a trap that you set for yourself,
Chasing your tail is no good for your health 
and what will you do if you catch it?
   (-Keith Newman (C) //Oct 85': on the Tony Littlejohn album Heartwarrior.)
Cleaning Out The Garage, 2002  
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