We battle for land, language
and cultural ID
We want a free market
and Social Security
We insist on legislation
but vote for anarchy.

Politics and people
are the same thing
If this bird is to fly
it must use both wings.

In the name of rights
we've done much wrong
Made the journey arduous
and our troubles long.
The scales of justice
must be sought within
If we are concerned with just us
we will fight and never win.

People's liberation
Liberation of the soul
Selfless love brings liberty
Run the peace flag up the pole.

Life is a classroom, 
we're still at school
The power of personal politics
gives you the right to rule.
Treat your neighbour as yourself
Have grace when others fall

If rights come from laws
The Government becomes God
People's liberation
Liberation of the soul:
'Stand for something
or anything might take hold'.

('85, with thanks to Malcolm X)
Cleaning Out The Garage, 2002    -Keith Newman (C)
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