There’s a way about each day that talks: 
Roulette routine 
working out the theme
of where we're going
from where we’ve been.
12 bullets in the magazine

12 types of humanity,
features and looks
Obstacles to overcome
before the benefits.

12 fruit on one tree
12 tribes and chances to dream
to put down your roots 
beside the sacred stream.
12 bullets in the magazine.

Stars in the heavens to divide the sky
Personal, political and months to guide
Gates to the city as high as it is wide.
12 apostles at dinner before he died

When the stone is rolled away
the children of God come out to play
Aquarius washes us clean
No longer routine
12 bullets in the magazine.

- Keith Newman (1996) 

Cleaning Out The Garage, 2002 ©
Knowledge in the Stars  Starway to Heaven (article)
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