3-lane Highway Waltz Newman (2000)  2:51
The same people die 10 times a night on the TV screen 
SOSAD (Talk to me Please) Newman (1986-200) 3:56
Tired of the endless game when it seems your the only one playing
Family of Friends   Newman / Collinge (1998) 4:45 
Be the friend you need to someone else...it all comes 'round in the end 
Nero (my God to Thee) Newman / Collinge (1998) 3:51  
Too many opposites pull at the middle, you watch Rome, I fiddle...
Crack Of Dawn  Newman  (1986) 2:28
As the darkness deepens, the light comes creeping...  
Introduction  (the Garage story) Whodunit & credits
Cleaning Out the Garage Poetry Book (The new electronic book 2001)
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