Excerpts from 
Home Technology 2003 

distributed in the Sunday Star Times, Nov 24th, 2003. 
2004 edition deadlines Oct 2004. Articles written by Keith Newman
WiFi makes café connection   PCs cost less offer more Flat is where it’s at
Broadband roll-out gets serious     Digital cameras mature

More bang for buck with a bundle
PCs cheaper than ever with value options
Slam spam and viral invaders
Spam now makes up 54 per cent of all email
No optical illusions
DVDs hold 4.7Gb or seven times more data than a CD
Smaller, faster, lighter laptops
Price and performance make notebooks shine
Instant pics from digital clicks
Digital changes the face of photography
WiFi networks – a quiet revolution

120,000 hot spots worldwide by 2006
Gamers spoiled for choice
Pandora’s box of titles
Portable music revolution
Napster back in the mix

Surfers wasting less time
Kiwis want services that make life easier
Fast surfing wave on rise
Unbundling could help close the gap
Outside looking in
LCDs in short supply
Multifunction devices dominate
Print, copy and scan come together
Mobile phones with more
Smartphones displace PDAs
  Changing on-line habits
Kiwis becoming more cultured

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