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Home Technology 2004

distributed in the Sunday Star Times, Nov 24th, 2004. 
2005 edition deadlines Oct 2005. Articles written by Keith Newman
PC meets TV in digital home  Laptops hit sweet spot 
DVD recorders go mainstream   Wireless home networks
Computers share TV screen Broadband opens up the world 
Takeaway music magic  Tiny memory cards for big files

  PC market stabilising
Bundling and upgrades fuel sales
Dial-up not dead yet
63 per cent of homes have Internet
DVD recorders push into mainstream
PC drives become overnight commodity
Taking out the garbage
Defending against email diarrhea
  Digital photos move to mass market
Beyond megapixels to improved performance
PDAs resist smartphone challenge
Handheld PCs get consumer savvy features
Home networking goes wireless
Users freed from desktop dominance
Digital homes stream content across devices
PC becomes infotainment hub
Laptops rival desktop value

PC features spawn desktop replacement
  PC and TV screens now close cousins
LCD slimmer, easier on the eye
  Memory upgrade speeds recall
Ramping up RAM for rapid graphics
Digital video hits sweet spot
Editing your own movies never easier

  Smaller disks for larger files
Tiny memory card disks head to 2Gb
  Broadband chokehold being slowly loosened
Users demand more from fast Internet
Games no longer just for teens
PC holds place beside consoles
  Mobile momentum goes multimedia
Phone functions rival handheld PCs
  Take away music finding its rhythm 
Legal sites reclaim on-line territory

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