Peace train returns from its mission
packed with pilgrims who've been to the Pa
to celebrate the prophet's birthday.
I am amazed over three days
by sights and stories of how things were
and a sense of what might be.

Smiling whanau faces
gathered from four corners:
Upstart youth want to have their say
looking for hope and love along the way
The Morehu Express is coming to town
to bring life to barren ground.

Little miracles and mysteries unfold
as the faery lights
fade into the west coast hills.
Rainbow around marama:
"New moon, warm night."
The Mangai - the mouthpiece of God
calls for unity once again.

His message echoes like seven brass bands
parading around Jericho's walls
First to the tangata whenua
then all of Aotearoa;

The Paipera Tapu in one hand,
ancient treaty in the other.
The ploughman with the prophet's mantle:
planted seeds of promise to the nation
to be harvested in the third generation.

Over three days and nights
Ratana Pa became a swamp village
Cleansing rain fell solid
then ceased at celebrations end;
wild wind blew the place dry
- wind of the Wairua Tapu,
calling a new generation
to throw away their crutches.

- Keith Newman 1986

From Cleaning out the Garage 2003
For a copy inquire here.


The team from Mangere Bridge (top) and Morehu Express organiser Kereama Pene 1986

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