If you are unsure how to take me
Take me as I am!
Everything else will fall into place
Avoid the formula - I'm still working myself out.

So easily we fall into the trap:
Define or be defined. A state of mind, confined.
Watch your step or you'll get a box around the ears.
Thinking is allowed. Think aloud.

Speak your mind. Stay connected, get on-line
Don't put a box around your ears.

You don't need that box around your ears.

Do your best without getting stressed
Challenge authority, put it to the test
Don't believe all you're told
. Ask questions, be bold

Potential is there to be tapped,
you let yourself be trapped :

The world is not flat with monsters waiting
for those who sail near the edge of the sea.
Who knows what might happen if you break free.

So many different kinds of people
all with thorns in our side,

No way to pigeonhole or categorise.
You should have your full expression
You just might make an impression
Who knows what might happen

if you break the mould: Let the real you unfold.

- 94 - 95

Lyrics Copyright Keith Newman 1996
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All the put-downs and the put-ons must be put off,
I won't put up with it!!