We want the cold hard facts
but we're fascinated with fiction
Half an ear to hear the truth

half truths are such an addiction.

Envious of how the other half live

because their half is bigger than yours
Waiting to strike it lucky
before you adopt a cause.

Half people, half heartedly 
clocking in at half past

Tongue on automatic brain at half mast
waiting for half a chance. 
All we need is half a chance.
Told by someone, somewhere to get a life

want it now on lay-by, and one for the wife.
Invisible people everywhere, uninvolved

part of the problem 
but they want to be absolved.


Mediocre, middling, mucking around

walking in circles on the same ground
Half caring, half awake
only half a mind to concentrate.
All it takes is half a mind.

Nil-all at half-time
waiting for half a chance
but comfortable indecision  
makes it hard to advance. 
Got the ball in your hands

and the goalpost in sight

but you won't get involved
'cause it's not your fight.
Halfhearted people,
halfway to somewhere

but they got distracted.
What was that you were saying?
It hasn't impacted.

Know your mind and keep your cool
find your gift and choose your tool
All you need is half a chance.


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