rhythm 'n verse with Kiwi attitude

17-unique compositions from  

Keith Newman & Gav Collinge

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What people said:

 "An intriguing multimedia production packed with kiwiana and personal inspiration...quite unlike anything you've ever heard," - Judy Voullaire, Ansett Airlines Inflight Magazine, July 1997.  

"Buzz Words celebrates, satirises, praises and puts words and music to the experience of being in New Zealand...the title track is probably the quirkiest NZ song since Low Profile's Elephunk, from the early 1980s," - Nevin Topp, Christchurch Press, Sept 3, '97   

“Buzz Words really works with a made in heaven union twixt words and music and we find ourselves going back to pick up the nuances that we missed the first time around. There’s so much in it and behind it with the short sound bites, George and Eileen Anderson, April 14, 1997 

“Thoroughly enjoying Buzz Words, the content, the format, the delivery, the lot. The overall vibe carries a confidence, a professionalism and a definite ‘coming of age’ sense. Had to go to Napier and played it in the car and going up Devil’s elbow before the really steep winding section and was listening to Ruapehu poem the sound effects got louder and more interesting and I was trying to figure out what you had used when suddenly boiling water broke through from under the dashboard….talk about Ruapehu. The water hose from the radiator had burs,” Bonnie Low, songwriter, musician and friend May 1997.

What is Buzz Words?
Buzz Words will take you through an hour of contrast in lyrical and musical styles from the title track to themes about handling techno stress and human relationships in an age of constant change. There are stories of wonder and humour, deep secrets of the soul and the challenge to make a difference at the end of the age. 

Poet Keith Newman brings strong images from heartland New Zealand, a sense of history, a touch of mystery, interwoven with great original Kiwi music from guitarist composer Gavin Collinge. Buzz Words is about attitude - about being different, about hope and vision and blessing. 

Buzz Words
is about exploding myths and building bridges. It’s about making you feel good because you just heard something special. Wordworx provide us with a vibrant musical journey of grooves, rhythms and harmonies, sound samples and Kiwiana. Buzz Words doesn’t waste words it delivers them personally. So what’s the buzz? Listen up!

Buzz Words (2.57): The humble bumble pushes the envelope. The guitar becomes a bee and we all take off.    Something Different (0.33) Short, sweet and to the point;   Box Around the Ears (3.06) Shaking off the preconceptions, you might just make an impression. A lively rhythmic romp;      Impulse to Arking (3: 13) Sparks are flying, looking to make connections, a drama is in progress;   Kiwi Attitude (5.20) Dispelling the myth with cruisy Kiwi rhythms. Our party piece, mate!   New Years' Day (3:35) A magical place down on the Kaipara Harbour, ancient mysteries, familiar faces and eloquent, flowing guitar;   Information Overload (4:25) One of the newer pieces, A difficult birth simplifying the clutter of information and ideas for this techno ballad with sound bytes and FX;   Mercy for the Dreamer (4.08), for gifted people with a heart of fire who stay true to the flame;   Ruapehu (2:45), The mountain blows its stack. Pacific rhythms to the fore, it's our time in history. More a symphony than a song.   Cut the Jive (3:32) Get over it and get on with it. This has been hanging around for about 15 years and went through a refreshing transformation when the music came along,   Time Travel (2:39) We are the time travellers carrying DNA and our hopes and dreams into the future;   Changing Gears (4:53) A one-take wonder. The newest piece. From atoms to bits and bytes and challenges to copyright. We have to rethink everything. A Latin guitar takes us across the wild western electronic frontier;   Half a Chance (2:2) That's all you need if you've got half a brain;   Te Hunga Rere Tai (3:17) Friends commission a carving that's "as meaningful as any message on a pole". In E minor, a classic acoustic blues key;   Where to Next (2:59) Cruisy driving groove, "don't sit on your hands and get depressed, always ask…";        Legend (3:42) A collage of images from Darth Vader to "soul mining" and "lost space ship riders";   Blessings (3:41) "May people speak to your face and not behind your back," blessings from the land of the Kiwi and the Moa.

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