I see history in pop tunes
prophecy in street songs

take comfort in nostalgia,
relax with jazz and the blues.

I take care with the words I choose.

Singers and songwriters overlooked:
told 'get a real job';

I wish I was a talent scout
with a billion dollar budget;

but then there's the blues
and dues to be paid.

We ignore artists and musicians
at our peril

How can they share their gift 
if they go feral?

Prophets without honour
in their home town

fame eludes the artist in his prime
Steam engines can only be invented
come steam engining time

Have mercy on the dreamer with the heart of fire.

Musicians and writers
with something new to say

their part in the big picture: 
not fade away

Don't let the pen become silent
or the music be un-played

the poem unspoken 
or the prayer un-prayed.

Don't despise strange hope
in the eyes of strangers

your story may be entwined with theirs;

Have mercy on the dreamer
whose tool is ideas

Prophets, priests and poets
 coming down the wire.

Words of wisdom to inspire
- no job description, just a heart of fire.
Have mercy on the dreamer 
with a heart of fire.

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