I've had my share of bitterness
cried my lake of tears;
seen the land of promise in arrears.
In the midst of this dry place
I must face my fears.

A stranger in the desert 
helped me gather up my bones.
Hunger replaces emptiness
in the desert of my soul
A cool wind blows through.

My once broken heart 
begins to leap
Order out of chaos
a still small voice 
pierces my sleep:
'Go find the river of life, 
drink long and deep'.
Transported to an oasis 
I look in and see
the face reflected
of the one who set me free
Holy ground all around 
as I live and move and breathe.

		                                        - Keith Newman 90s (revision 2003)
		(Graphic: Smithsonian Institute)
Cleaning Out The Garage, 2001   
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