You too could be a legend
in your own lunchtime.
Everyone gets a shot -
their 15 minutes of fame.
It's your passion to inflame
Stop looking for someone else to blame.
I believe in second chances

hope and faith not guilt and shame.

I believe in clarity common sense and charity;
I believe in the white cloth not the stains
I believe in the fire not the dying flame
refreshment not water down the drain.


I like the challenge of pen to paper

and dreams from vapor;
I believe in breakthroughs
When the options are thin.
I believe in victory
when you're about to give in.

Can we turn Luke Skywalker

to the dark side ....
Do we let Darth Vader win?
Do we rally to the cause or give in?
I believe in the Lord of Light
not the man of sin.


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