"Everyone may confirm his belief in the Divine when he considers those
insects which, when impelled by the craving of a sort of love, ardently
seek for a change from their earth-bound state to one like that of
heaven. For this purpose they creep into suitable places, weave round
themselves a cocoon and thus, as it were, return into the womb to be
born again, becoming pupae and finally butterflies. When they have
passed through these changes, and put on their beautiful wings after
their kind, they fly into the air as into a heaven of their own, where
they sport in happy mood, choose mates, lay eggs, and provide for
themselves a prosperity. In this state they feed upon a sweet and
pleasant nectar drawn from the flowers. Anyone who confirms his belief
in the Divine from the visible things of nature sees an image of man's
earthly state in them as insects, and of his heavenly state in them as
- Immanuel Swedenborg, The True Christian Religion

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