My hero is Max Headroom 
broadcasting from some pirate station
Up against the corrupt system
Looking deeper than mere sensation

More meaningful than
30 second sound-bite distractions
or headlines larger than copy 
to sell subscriptions

Visionary beyond 2000 
Or captive in Room 101
Like Winston
in the bygone age of yet to come?

Refusing to re-write history
So it conforms to today
or strip context from content
when meaning gets in the way.

I revive fading words
Rescue them from the document shredder,
round them up like lost sheep 
bought back into the fold.

Come out you scraps of paper
You cuttings and scribblings 
Ancient collections
Fragments of prose .. poetic rantings 
Now is the time for good information
to prove its worth

Out you come
Earn your living or be banished 
into forevernothingness 
reduced to tight balls in the round bin
trash to ash in the purging fire.

Life is full of revisions
But I am not a historian.
Show me the information 
I will provide a filter
With my garbage detector
and take it to the max...
Let me tell you a story... read on...

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