Every day I am put to the test
some days I give in. No contest
then follow the sun to my home in the west.
So I learn to endure when I am perplexed
You never know where I might end up next.

Looking for love in all the wrong faces
comfort in familiar places.
Looking to come in from the cold
when the memories don't hold.
But it's always where to next?

Moving on . I'm there then I'm gone
In a crowd then I'm on my own
Sometimes I'm not sure where I'm going
Where to next? So where do we go next?
What's next?

I have heard it said that time is there
to stop everything happening at once
How wide is this narrow road
how long this chain of events
and where should go to next?


I seek the elusive answer
that settles when you cease to search;
love that doesn't leave you in the lurch
and a deeper sense of knowing: Where to next?

I look for middle ground away from the strain
where two halves realise they are part of the same
healthy brain
Where you can see your part in the picture
and get a good sense of the frame.

Don't settle for less than you know is best
Don't be under a curse when you could be blessed
Don't sit on your hands and get depressed
Always ask: Where to next?

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