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Buzz Words CD-Rom

A Kiwi poet in the tradition of all Kiwi poets. Unfortunately New Zealanders 
put poetry to the side but this is very funny,  a little sarcasm and parody. 
Very clever. Keith Newman and a guitar player.  Its funky and cool. 

Hes got a lot about New Zealand life whether its the bush or anti-Kiwi stereotypes
 - were a diverse nation we do a lot of different things.  Really neat and very clever. 
The CD-Rom has all the lyrics, a few graphics.  Good to see a Kiwi artist 
using technology.  Its very different and we like that, 
 - Dr Kristin Zemke-White, 
Good Morning Show, TV!, March 4, 2002.

"An intriguing multimedia production packed with kiwiana 
and personal inspiration ...quite unlike anything you've ever heard,"
- Judy Voullaire, Ansett Airlines Inflight Magazine, July 1997. 

"Buzz Words celebrates, satirises, praises and puts words 
and music to the experience of being in New Zealand...
the title track is probably the quirkiest NZ song since 
Low Profile's Elephunk, from the early 1980s,"
 - Nevin Topp, Christchurch Press, Sept 3, '97      

"Just listening to Buzz Words with pleasure again this morning - and it struck me that I 
had no indicators from my booking staff that they had contacted you and booked you for 
Sweetwaters. Have They?? - Daniel Keighley, Sweetwaters 99. (No, but that's okay)

"Thanks for the poetry. I hope your verse doesn't get stored and forgotten somewhere 
in the garage! it's worth keeping out and trying to put in a collection and issuing. 
Of its protest genre it seems to me better than things I've heard and has real interest. 
It balances the general and particular in this area nicely and has a good modern style for
the intimate poetry reading," - Rollan McCleary 2.7.99 ( ).


AH & AW REED Ltd PUBLISHERS  - 26-7-1972 
( sent in naive early works for critique age 17-years)
"I do wish I could offer anything better than this most doleful report about your poetry, 
but one has to report fact, not fancy.
Poetry, in a commercial sense, is a dead, dead duck. Louis Johnson once said
to me, there are more New Zealanders writing poetry than there are buying
it, and this must be absolutely right, overseas as well as here...."
- G C A Wall, publishing director.
"I have read your collection of poetry Heartwars and find it like a bowl of hot chicken 
noodle soup on a cold winter's day - really warms you up.  I must say I admire your 
style - it's really interesting, topical, feeling, imaginative and at times humorous...."
 - Carla Robins.

"Heartwars is still sitting proudly amongst our book collection. Your poems
seem to be going from strength to strength. I enjoy all the energy in
Reflections and in particular In League With Creation. That one seems to
balance nicely with my current state of evolution (spiritually speaking of
course)" - Peter McIlwaine  broadcasting personality (end of 1985).

"Thank you very much for your letter and copies of Heartwars and Reflections
From the Silver Surface.
We enjoyed your thoughts immensely and will endeavor, if and when the space
is available, to use some of them in our magazine.
Yours sincerely,
Michel Louise McKay (Mrs)


"I found Buzz Words quite uplifting. I'm sure I haven't heard anything like it before. 
Box Around the Ears = V cool. Well done Wordman," Adrian Firth, 3-04-97

"Excellent...I love it. Hats off to ya. What a great thing. Man I love it. Buzz Words is totally cool!
I have listened to it several times and just when I think I like this track best I hear another 
and change my mind. I love em all...I'm gonna play it to everybody. The music really fits around 
and compliments the whole thing," - Phil Gibens, McKay, Australia 19,11,1996


Sat, 9 Jul 1994 13:08:08 -0400
Subject: Your Info Poem
I loved your poem (Info Poem), which I found in alt.wired while reading newsgroups on America Online.  I teach high school English in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and shared it with some other teachers all over the US who communicate in the Electronic Schoolhouse on America Online.  It really fits our feelings!  Carol Orlandi  

HEARTWARS - Baptist newspaper review - Dave Cohen 1985
"Keith Newman is a new man. He's a journalist from Palmerston North whose
metier is poetry. Heartwars is his second book to date and has been
published at the authors expense. If you enjoy poetry - especially the kind
you can understand, and appreciate the rough look of a "grass roots"
publication, then this should go down a treat with you. It's 40 pages long
and interspersed with quirky sketches and photos. Heartwars is available at
$5 a shot from ( ). Trust me!"

Auckland Star 22-6-86
"Newman's third self-published collection is occasionally concerned with RNA
(ribonucleic acid), TV, fish and chips and other discoveries of the
technological world, but much more frequently concerned with the faith and
feelings of his born-again self. His undemanding images, repetition and
occasional puns show why a number of his lyrics make successful pop songs,
but layers of loosely associated and largely unoriginal metaphors don't
necessarily make poetry."- DH

"Another book of verse which exhibits considerable care in presentation and
layout is Keith Newman's Heartwars. A Manawatu journalist, Newman has
published one other collection.
Heartwars includes several likeable lighter pieces, notably Feet (which
Spike Milligan would not be ashamed to fall his own) but when this author
attempts a more serious utterance he is less convincing.
His poems are certainly about human weakness and human hope, but they are
curiously impersonal and therefore lacking in impact; there is little sense
of these poems being peopled.
Keith Newman handles his characteristic four line stanzas with competence,
but he doesn't really achieve convincing cadence; too often the word that
rhymes takes precedence over the word that would really fit, or move the
THROUGH THE DARK album by Guy Wishart
Spamm Magazine. Review by Phill
"...A nod of recognition to Auckland wordsmith Keith Newman who, not once but
twice on this offering, fuels Guy's ability to put out a mean melody. And
the tape includes a lyric booklet (complete with Pics). A nice touch."
"I feel your pieces have done much for the magazine," 
Paul Grover, Christians Writing circa 1984?

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