This is the climax of the generations
We are the seeds our forefathers planted
across the decades we are haunted:
Time travel by DNA.

The good and the bad of mum and dad
and their parents before;
My children, their children
- the whole mystery tour.
Genealogy, whakapapa: Bloodlines, true blue;
The Heemeskirk, the Endeavour
or some other canoe?

Where do I come from? What's it to you?

Imprints in history there to remind
Familiar impressions in space and time.
What have you inherited
What will you leave behind?



Standing in the shadows tomorrow cast
On the shoulders of the past.
Destined to build a future, but will it last?

The wheels of consequence in hot pursuit

it's judgement day all too soon;
Who we are weighs heavily on our shoulders.
Sins of the forefathers rattle our cages
This is the harvest of the ages:

Genetic messengers: potential stars
the old man and the child in all of us!
Down the decades we are haunted
We are the seeds our fiorefathers planted
Time Travel by DNA.
- '94

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