Ocassional Appearances:
  Parachute Extreme Matamata 
Feb 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999
  New Zealand Software
Association Christmas party 1998
  Support for Alan Brown Band 
  Rick's Blue Falcon, Parnell, 1998
  Titirangi Village Festival, March 98. 
  Ponsonby Festival in the Park 1999, 
  Java Jive, Temple (Auckland) 2001
The Temple, Queen St, 2002, 2003
Toolroom Tales, Titirangi, 2002, 2003
New CD Cleaning out the Garage, 2003
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Gav groovin'

  Keith Newman, vocals/lyrics
  Gav Collinge
guitar, keyboard,composition, vocals.

"Don't be part of the clobbering machine ..."
(Piccies taken direct from video using Snappy.)

Wordworx is available
for selected live performances.
Contact Keith Newman 649-8168686 
or email

Photos takes as still from video camera 
Parachute Festival 1997.

"Dogs bark in astonishment as the windsurfer carves waves on the old Kaipara Harbour..... Wordworx: email wordman@wordworx.co.nz

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