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"Before the Roman conquest, there was human sacrifice in Carthage, often of children. They would be sacrificed in moments of national stress," -
archaeologist David Soren.


"We've developed a tolerance of violence, and perhaps we need to see suicide as the ultimate violence," Commissioner for Children, (the late) Laurie O'Reilly.

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written from personal experience and understanding of the tragedy of suicide and dealing with depression.
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  SOSAD (Talk to Me Please)
Keith Newman & Friends
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  Sosad (Talk to Me Please)
Newman (Lyrics page)
An ambient groove, with programming, loops and voice clips

"Tired of the endless game when it seems you're the only one playing?"
  Family of Friends
Keith Newman & Friends
Newman / Collinge (Lyrics page)
A bright jazzy walking groove full of encouragement and hope
Featuring The Gav on guitar and programming, Jacqui FitzGerald on vocals and Neil Hannan on bass.
"Be the friend you need to someone else...it all comes 'round in the end.."

SOSAD and Family of Friends are from the forthcoming Cleaning out the Garage CD by Keith Newman and Friends.
Don't Be Fooled By Me is from The Gav's self titled CD
Artwork supplied by Paula Novak

Paula Novak 
(Tracks live: September  2002)

Don't Be Fooled By Me
The Gav
Collinge / anon (Lyrics Page)
Music by The Gav , lyrics anonymous
A song about not being afraid to drop our masks, taking the risk to reveal who we really are - a ballad for acceptance:
"Don’t be fooled you what you see
for I wear a thousand faces and none of them are me."
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The statistics suggest less young people committed suicide  in the past three years where statistics are available than was the trend for the previous decade.  Shouldn’t we be pleased, relieved even. But what about 2006, 2007 and 2008? Statistically we’re living in the past. Prior to 1999 there was frightening five year trend showing an epidemic rise in young people ending their lives. It’s not just youth either, young men and women in their early 20s and 30s are giving up on life in record numbers. And what about those who try and fail? Or those who die in traffic 'accidents' but intended to use the car as a means to end their lives?  It’s not time to sit back and believe old data. It’s time for positive, preventative action. 

Speak up. . . Don't accept surface chatter, get heart-to heart with each other, with teens and those at risk. Be part of the solution. Be there for each other. Don't bottle it up, talk about it.
SOSAD (Save our sons and daughters)

  Learn more?   Let's not glorify suicide - there is hope.
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