The Dancer Newman  (1986-2000) 2:43
Understanding from the patterns dreamers and choreographers translate
Roulette Newman  (2000) 1:46
Roulette routine, 12 bullets in the magazine
So You Think This is It? Newman / Hannan (2000)  4:00
sitting in reserved pews listening to re-runs of the Gospel news...
Remembering my Lines Newman  (1986) 2:48
Bloodlines, timelines, synchronicity... lines of inquiry
Running out of Space
Newman / Hannan  / Pritchard (2000)  4:53
She'll be right mate has become who cares...
Cleaning Out the Garage
Newman / Collinge (1998) 3:06  
If you try to be like someone else, who's going to be you?
Brimstone Fingers Newman /Human Instinct (2000)  2:47
In varying shapes and forms, the Apocalypse comes to us all...

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