Excerpts from 
Home Technology 2005

distributed in the Sunday Star Times, Nov 24th, 2005. 
2006 edition deadlines Oct 2006. Articles written by Keith Newman
Home networks ready to hum  Notebooks break price barrier
Data caps likely to be dumped   Flat screen TVs take over
Digital data at your fingertips

Saving our lives
Life-caching catches on
PC performance at premium

Adding value to the basic box
 Broadband breakthrough ahead
Data caps may be dumped

Malware threatens personal data
Your information at risk
 Notebooks break price barrier
Market competes on features
Flat screen TVs take over
LCDs catching up to plasma 
  Wireless for sound and vision
Components compete for digital home
Cameras getting cosy
Advances in smarts and style
Legal downloads are here at last

Buy an on-line album for $18


Mobile generation gap
Networks gears for faster future
Media Centre as home hub
PC software for the TV
Heritage becoming history
Digital memories to quality prints
 Humble home phone transformed
Cordless digital brings liberty
  PC gamers remain loyal
New consoles next year
  Digital data at your fingertips
More space in smaller case
On-line commerce goes mainstream
Web way to browse and pay

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