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greendot.gif (100 bytes)  Jacqui FitzGerald - Kiwi jazz diva
greendot.gif (100 bytes)  Buzz Words from Wordworx - rhythm 'n verse with attitude
greendot.gif (100 bytes)  Cushy Numbers - rhythm 'n blues: Mahia Blackmore & Gav Collinge
greendot.gif (100 bytes)  Human Instinct - cult 60s & 70s progressive rock group
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Steve E. Wilcox selections from the album Vigilante Man

Steve E. Wilcox has his roots deep in gospel-tinged folk blues, resurrecting haunting slices of familiar and forgotten musical history on his new album Vigilante Man. His well studied repertoire covers original tunes and those from the great acoustic blues masters including Willie Dixon and Robert Johnson through to Doc Watson, Fred McDowell, Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan and the Rev. Gary Davis. Here's a selection of what you're in for:

 (I_Dont_Know) Whats Goin_On (click2play)  True_Religion (click2play)
  Hesitation_Blues (click2play)

jqnew.JPG (25731 bytes) Jacqui FitzGerald.
Selections from the CD Kindred

are available for download or play at including
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Kindred greendot.gif (100 bytes)The Orchid Song  greendot.gif (100 bytes)Pretty Words

rhythm ' n verse with attitude

Listen to, or download
  Information Overload ,  Legend and Mercy for the Dreamer
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ma3.JPG (9072 bytes)greendot.gif (100 bytes) Cushy Numbers ( Mahia Blackmore and Gav Collinge)
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greendot.gif (100 bytes) On the Australian site
Listen or download greendot.gif (100 bytes) My Imagination greendot.gif (100 bytes) The Joker  greendot.gif (100 bytes)Canonball
Cushy Numbers CD Blues in the House at
New Human Instinct album Midnight Sun now available
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