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Original books now available direct from the author  at special prices (in $NZ) . Signed on request
Bible & Treaty:
Missionaries among the Maori - A New Perspective
Keith Newman (Penguin 2010) $45

Bible & Treaty is a complex and colourful adventure of faith, bravery, perseverance and betrayal that seeks to recover lost connections in the story of modern New Zealand. (learn more)

Ratana the Prophet
- Keith Newman  (Penguin 2009) $32

Ratana: The Prophet belongs to all those who are hungry for reconciliation between tribes and nations and to ‘the generation’ who Ratana believed would pick up his spiritual and political mantle and lead the way to true enlightenment and prosperity.
Generous discount for bulk orders. (learn more)

Connecting the Clouds
 - The Internet in New Zealand
Keith Newman (Activity Press 2009) $35

 Connecting the Clouds takes the reader on an informative and entertaining ride through our telecommunications history and the people who have shaped it. Generous discount for bulk orders.
(learn more)

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Human Instinct - Midnight Sun,   $20

   Well worth the wait. This recording project begun in 1999 at Revolver Studios finally hit the street just over a decade later. A return to the classic  Human Instinct sound with Maurice Greer on drums and vocals, Neil Edwards on bass and ace guitarist Joel Haines ripping the licks, including some heritage tracks written by Doug Jerebine (Jesse Harper)
Special one time limited offer: $20 plus postage.
SPECIAL DEAL : Add Peg Leg for only $30

Human Instinct - Peg Leg: The Lost Tapes, $15

  The completely restored and re-mastered  Peg Leg recording from Human Instinct in 1976 was thought to have been lost forever until it was discovered in mid-2001 in the dusty shelves of Stebbing Recording Studios warehouse in Ponsonby. Featuring a classic progrock line-up of Maurice Greer, drums and vocals, Phil Whitehead, guitar and vocals, Steve McDonald, keyboards, melotron, vocals, Glenn Mikkelson, bass and vocals. (learn more)

 Tony Littlejohn - Right Occasion, (2CD) $15

  Former Blerta bass player and founding member Tony Littlejohn:and his band deliver 20 original songs and two cover versions on this double CD of infectious funk and reggae rhythms.

Tony's music ranges from the political radicalism to reggae chants, emotional ballads and spiritual wake-up calls.
(learn more)

Original prints from artist Paula Novak  (in $NZ) Orders: wordman@wordworx.co.nz
Ratana the Prophet by Paula Novak
Acrylic on canvas. A3 prints on print paper
$35 or print on canvas $380

This iconic  T.W. Ratana portrait shows the Maori prophet in the prime of his ministry between the two world wars surrounded by some of the rich symbolism that represented his mission to unify, heal and restore the Maori people who had been devastated by decades of wars, land loss and disease.  (learn more)

Healing Hands by Paula Novak
Acrylic on canvas. A3 prints on print paper
$35 or print on canvas $380

Healing Hands, with Mt Taranaki as the backdrop to a heavenly waterfall and rainbow is symbolic of personal healing and renewal. The painting by Paula Novak also speaks strongly about the ongoing process of restoration between peoples and the healing of the land. (learn more)

Tidings of Joy by Paula Novak
Acrylic on canvas. A3 prints on print paper
$35 or print on canvas $380

Commemorating Samuel Marsden's first Gospel message in the Bay of Islands on Christmas Day 1814 and the  message of forgiveness and peace that rapidly spread through the country, largely through the agency of Maori missionaries.(learn more)

More original Kiwi music including second hand CDs  (in $NZ)  Orders: wordman@wordworx.co.nz
Snatch - Eye Contact $15 (limited edition EP )

  Kiwi new wave band Snatch made a strong impression on the Manawatu pub scene in the early 1980s. This is their only recording. The band changed drummers several times but seasoned musos Mike Miers on keyboards and vocals, Alan Currie on bass, and lead vocals and Kevin Downing on regular and electronic guitars recorded the 5-track  Eye Contact EP at Mandrill Studios in Auckland in 1981.  (Order last copies)

Keith Newman & Friends
 - Cleaning Out the Garage -
 (2003) Poetry $15

Keith Newman & friends deliver a compilation of  soul searching prose to ecological anthems, esoteric insights and irreverent romps across the wordscapes of religion, relationships, technology, personal growth and social change. If you dig deep you'll find an interactive book of lyrics and poems, controversial articles, instrumentals and MP3s . (learn more)
Special offer:
Buzz Words
& Garage $20 plus $3.50 postage

  Keith Newman & friends - Buzz Words
(1997) Poetry (aka Wordworx w 'The Gav' Collinge) $10

 Poet Keith Newman brings strong images from heartland New Zealand, a sense of history, a touch of mystery, interwoven with great original Kiwi music from guitarist composer Gavin Collinge. A vibrant musical journey of grooves, rhythms and harmonies. It's about attitude, exploding myths and building bridges. ( Learn more)

"An intriguing multimedia production packed with kiwiana and personal inspiration...quite unlike anything you've ever heard," Judy Voullaire, Ansett Airlines Inflight Magazine, July 1997.  


Second hand Kiwi CDs  (in $NZ) Orders: wordman@wordworx.co.nz
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Second hand Kiwi CDs (all good)
Ray Columbus & the Invaders - The Definitive Collection, 45 digitally re-mastered tracks $15
Jacqui FitzGerald - This Masquerade is Over
(2009 remastered) $20
Billy T.K & Powerhouse -
Move On Up
The unreleased 1972 HMV Tapes $20
Evan Silva, Out of the Shadows, 2005 $10
ENZO 1 + 2, NZ Symphony Orch play Split Enz
2 CDS $20
All plus postage
Fred Dagg - Anthology $20
ENZSO - NZ Symphony Orchestra
w Finn Bros, Annie Crummer, Dave Dobby, Sam Hunt, $15
ENZSO 2 - NZ Symphony Orchestra
w Dame Kiri, Jon Stephens, Margaret Urlich, Dave Dobbyn, Sam Hunt & Boh Runga, $15
Evan Silva - Out of the Shadows, $15


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