Excerpts from 
Home Technology 2006

distributed in the Sunday Star Times, Nov 24th, 2006. 
2008 edition deadlines Oct 2008. Articles written by Keith Newman

Foot off broadband hose
   Everyone gets faster internet
DVD recorders rock
   Viewers become programmers
Cost of capacity crashes
   Hard disk prices plummet
Notebooks overtake PCs
   Portable computing the new cool
PC performance pumping
Duo chips ease load

Protection not optional
   Net threats escalating
Flat screen fetish
   Market heads to widescreen

Media players go mass market

   Video pushes portable capacity

All prices quoted were accurate at time of publication or based on an average across retailers and believed to contain GST. Copyright: Reproduction in whole or in part by any means is prohibited

Download relief delayed
   Legal obstacles frustrating
Cell networks lift game
   Challenge to do more for less
Digital overshadows film
   Megapixel madness takes over
Digital video format shift
   Hard disk and DVD dominate

Media centre changes tack

   Vista key to market transition

Digital TV expanding

   Freeview, internet TV add to mix
Gamers go for gold
   Xbox vs PS3 wargames

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