Excerpts from 
Home Technology 2007

distributed in the Sunday Star Times, Nov 24th, 2007. 
2010 edition deadlines Oct 2010. Articles written by Keith Newman

 Mobile media madness
multimedia on the move
   High definition duel
DVD format wars
   Digital TV challengers
Seen on every screen 

 PCs in 4-wheel drive            

Multitasking power boost   

 Widescreen is mainstream
CRTs are so square 

 Broadband barriers down
Telecom re-regulated   
Download deluge continues   
Digital dominates the mix   
 Information overload               
Storing our digital lives    
 Kiwis thrive in social net                    
Collaborating in cyberspace   

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 Camera shyness cured
Photography back in focus 

 Notebooks get personal          
All-in-one media managers  
 Cyberthreats escalate

Scams and spam on rise

 Internet habits mature     
Online curve continues
 Dealing with disks                            
Back-up your life                               
 Mobile joins the bundle                     
Closing the cellular divide
 Multifunction makeover 
Sharing the same ink

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