Excerpts from Home Technology 2009
New Zealand's annual digital lifestyle update
Distributed in the Sunday Star Times, each November 
2010 edition deadlines Oct 2010. All articles written by Keith Newman

Nifty netbooks take lead
Personalising the portable
Broadband uptake improves
Data caps remain a concern
Clever camera chameleons
Edgy innovations ahead
Wireless wake-up call
Network media minding
Vying for visual virtuosity
Big screen makes a scene
  3G cellular stakes high
New player, new game
  Short cuts
Shift to Digital DVD, Projectors go HD
Digital TV expanding
HD takeover imminent

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  Beyond the desktop
Redefining the humble PC
Touchy feely smartphones emerge
Mobile digital makeover underway
  You have been warned!
Internet hostilities escalate
  Memory in solid state
Disk evolution continues
Networkers geared to share
Search for loyalty escalates
  Disconnect over downloads
Law change still in limbo

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