New Zealand's 2011 annual digital lifestyle update
Distributed in the Sunday Star Times, each November 
2011 edition deadlines Oct 2011. All articles written byKeith_Newman
INSIDE:   Smartphone takeover Library in your hand Mirrorless cameras Ultrabooks
Internet on the TV Going for touch 
Social network makeovers


Smartphones will dominate
Dumb phones in decline
Digital reading revolution
Plot thickens for e-book drama

Social net cast wider
Media platforms playing off
Challenging the mouse 
Intuitive input gaining ground
Ultrabook reshapes market
Portable computing reinvented
Burgeoning broadband
Downloads driving demand
Give it your best shot
No compromise cameras
PC holds up under fire
Chip innovations ongoing


Transmission transition
Merging digital screens
Mobile networks ramp up
Data charges challenged

Botnet armies advancing

Cyber threats costly and mobile
Infringers on notice
Illegal downloader’s targeted

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