Excerpts from Home Technology 2010
New Zealand's annual digital lifestyle update
Distributed in the Sunday Star Times, each November 
2010 edition deadlines Oct 2010. All articles written by Keith Newman

Tablet creates new market
Mobile multimedia showcase                 
  PC demise exaggerated
Innovation holds the line 
HD webcams, Kinect gaming, PC stays focussed        
Still cameras challenge video
DSLR takes game to new level      
Web redefines digital TV
End of line for tube TV 

Data pushes speed limit                     
Broadband essential infrastructure        
  IP everywhere concerns
‘Internet of things’ increasing
Mobile media terminals
Smartphones hit consumer level


Data drives mobile upgrades
Cellular competition escalating
Limiting vulnerability

Online protection essential
Social sharing explosion
Networking redefines friends

Zeros, ones and zetabytes
Content exceeding capacity

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